Every hand is different. Hands Down offers a vast array of products and services designed for varying lifestyles and long term healthy nails. Choose from Natural Nail Care to Nail Enhancements. Our professional technicians are here to guide you to the best choice based on your individual needs.

We’re here to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable.
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Natural Nail Care

Full Manicure*Warm lotion soak, hand massage, shaping of nails,cleaning of cuticles,buff with oil and polish$ 16
Men's Manicure*Basic manicure with matte polish$ 13
Mini Manicure*Shaping of nails,buff with oil and polish (we recommend this service between manicures)$ 13
Polish Change*Polish change$ 10
Spa Pedicure*A relaxing anti-bacterial soak, manicuring of the tow nails, sloughing lotion, callous removal,
alpha-hydroxy & salycylic acid treatment, sea salt exfoliating scrub, sea weed mask, shea
lotion massage, cooling gel and polish (We recommend this service monthly
for those with heavy callous)
$ 50
Full Pedicure*A relaxing mineral soak, manicuring of the toe nails, callous filing, a warm raw sugar foot scrub,
a volcanic clay mask, hydrating mineral lotion massage and polish.
$ 40
Mini Pedicure*A relaxing anti-bacterial soak, manicuring of the toe nails, lotion massage, and polish$ 25
Toe Polish Change*Light filing, buff with oil and polish$ 15

Nail Enhancements

Axxium, Shellac or Gelish*A hybrid of laquer and UV gel, painted over your natural nails in a great OPI or Creative Color.
(Great for a long vacation.....lasts 2-3 Weeks)
$ 32-35
Acrylic Set*A durable nail enhancement. Tips with overlay of monomers and polymers, buffed with oil and polish
(Good for those who are tough on their hands. Bi-weekly Rebalance "fills" needed)
$ 50
UV Gel Set*Flexible nail enhancement. Tips with a UV cured gel overlay and polish.
(Suitable for those who are in the water excessively. Bi-weekly Rebalance "fills" needed)
$ 70
Overlays*A layer of product over your existing nails and polish.
$ 40
$ 50
Pink & Whites*A permanent french manicure! No nail polish necessary. Done using colored acrylic or gel.
Your choice from clear or opaque nail beds and warm or cool pinks.
(We'll help you match your skin tone!)
$ 10 Add
Acrylic Rebalance*Removal of loose product, cleaning of cuticles, reshaping of nails, fill in of growth with
clear acrylic, buffed with oil and polish
$ 27
UV gel Rebalance*Removal of loose product, cleaning of cuticles, reshaping of nails, layer of clear gel and
$ 35
Temporary Tips*Nail extensions with a layer of thin resin and powder, buffed with oil and polish.
(Perfect for proms or parties! Lasts 2 weeks. Recommend soaking for removal.)
$ 40

Additional Services

Paraffin Dip*Relieve dry achy hands and feet in 15 minutes! A lotion massage followed by a warm, soothing wax
infused with vitamin E and aloe. Heated mitts help it deeply penetrate the skin.
(15 minutes)
$ 7
Solar Manicure*For extremely dry skin we recommend this exfoliating scrub of dead sea salts, almond oil and vitamin E.
Then a massage with shea butter and almond oil. Heated mitts with a paraffin dip.
(15 minutes)
$ 10
Spa Manicure*To restore a youthful appearance, this anti-aging treatment is a two step citric acid exfoliation.
Followed by a vitamin infused massage, paraffin and heated mitts.
(15 minutes)
$ 10
Nail Art*Let the artists paint the canvas! Hand painted designs, rhinestones and glitter available.$ 30 p/hr
Repairs* Silk Patch
* Repair with service
* Repair
$ 1
$ 1-3
$ 5-7
French Polish*Kindly add $ 3 to your service for French polish$ 3